Do you know how we make a new product? First, there's just an idea of a new thing. The kind you can't get rid of. Since we can't put it to words just yet, we start to draw it on paper. From there we go over to making a collage. We do 10 of those... sometimes 15. We choose the very first one we made. Of course. After that, we make all sorts of sketches and technical drawings... bottle, cap, label, case. We create many different varieties of basic recipe for our new product until we get to the one most of us prefer. Then we create another 15 versions of that one. We choose one... but we liked three. For the next 20 days or so, we'll be writing info materials and promotional brochures for our new product. This is a very challenging part of the process since we need to put in 5 sentences everything we know and feel about our newest creation.

In our company, the entire process of creating a new product takes from 6 to 18 months. After so many days of obsessed work, can you imagine how we feel when we see it on a store shelf?